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Infographic: The Cost of Happy Hour

I love the Dubai lifestyle, but the repeat visits to restaurants and happy hours can start having a negative effect on your health.  Women’s Health Base has come out with a great infographic to put those mojitos and cosmos in perspective but here are a few quick tips that help me reduce the damage.

  • If you know you are heading to the pub after work, move your workout to the morning. At least then you can enjoy yourself guilt free.
  • Alternate each drink with some mineral/soda water. This will also help pace yourselves.
  • Tonic water has 10 calories per ounce, while soda has 0 calories per ounce. Doesn’t seem like much but that’s 80-120 extra calories per drink.
  • Avoid the fattening bar food. Just remember, those peanuts could also be pee-nuts.

Via: Women’s Health Base

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