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Wedding Fashion

So I seemed to have reached that juncture of my life where all the people surrounding me are making that godawful decision lovely choice to get married.  Hence, I’ve been paying a little more attention to wedding couture than I should be.  Thankfully, we’ve also had our share of celebrity weddings to provide inspiration with Princess Catherine, Kate Moss and Anja Rubic.

What I love about all three celebrities is that they embraced their individuality.  Princess Catherine chose a conservative but beautiful laced McQueen dress, Kate Moss stuck to her boho roots, and Anja Rubic chose to show off her sexy legs.

So I ask, how would you choose your wedding dress?

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  1. Although I love Pucci like crazy (recent blog post says so!) I quite didn’t like Anja’s dress. Maybe it’s just me but aren’t wedding gowns supposed to be long and pretty? What Anja’s wearing looks like a LWD with a train attached to it. It doesn’t say ‘wedding’ to me. Out of all three, I like what Kate chose. Love the lace detailing, the cut and fall of the gown.

  2. First off, I love your reference to the whole everyone is getting married and making godawful decisions 🙂 I agree despite being one of those getting married.

    I was not all that impressed by the 3 dresses above – something seemed lacking … Agree with the above comment that Anja’s dress was a bit too short and cocktail couture rather than wedding attire. Kate Moss’s dress isn’t all that fantastic either and although, Kate Middleton is the best dressed amongst the pack, I still wish she would have done something different with the bottom half of the dress!

    What I really adore are Vera Wang wedding dresses … absolutely love it. Loved what Khloe Kardashian had worn to her wedding – eye catching yet not too OTT.