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Say no to bacne!

One of the pros of living in Dubai is you get to attend a lot of events with some really fashionable people. Women come dolled up to these events in gorgeous dresses, sky-high heels and perfect skin and hair.  But every so often you spot something which you wish you didn’t.  And yesterday I spotted the curse of bacne!

Acne can be a difficult thing to control and we generally neglect our back much more than our face.  There can be many reasons for bacne but the major causes are excessive friction (i.e. heavy handbags, tight clothing), dandruff, and residue from hair products.

If you seem to be breaking out a lot on your shoulders and back, try the following:

  • Ditch that gigantic shoulder bag. Seriously, do you really need to lug around all that stuff?
  • Post-workout session, make sure to take a quick shower and thoroughly dry your skin.  Change into something loose fitting and apply talcum powder as an extra precaution.
  • After your final rinse while washing your hair, cleanse your back with an acne-fighting cleanser or clarifying shampoo.  Conditioner residue is a big culprit for break-outs.
  • If you use a lot of hair styling products, make sure your hair doesn’t rub against your skin and try to rinse out the products before sleeping.

My holy grail product for fighting bacne is the Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash in Pink Grapefruit.  You can buy the specialized body wash or even use their facial cleanser for your body.

Bacne is annoying for the person suffering from it but it is also an eyesore for those around you. If you do suffer from it, kindly do us a favor and stash those backless outfit until you get it under control.

P.S. Some of the worst public display of bacne offenders are men! So pick up a bottle of Body Clear and put on a sleeved-shirt at the gym!

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    1. I haven’t seen the body wash but the grapefruit face wash is available at supermarkets and pharmacies. I bought mine at Geant for around AED 50.