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Tuesday Tip – Colored Eyeliners

We are launching a new section called Tuesday Tip from this week. No matter where you work, Tuesdays tend to be the dullest day of the week. So to combat the general “meh”-ness, we bring to you a quick tip to perk up your day!

Also, if you do happen to try out our Tuesday Tip, send us a photo and we’ll feature you in our column!


Tuesday Tip – Issue 1 – Colored Eyeliners

Nothing perks up your day more than an injection of color. Instead of the normal black/brown eyeliner, go with a bright color. As a recommendation, brown eyes can go with purple, black eyes with teal, blue eyes with pink and green eyes with gold. Just remember to keep the rest of the look simple and use a generous dose of mascara to highlight the eyes.

My favorite colored eyeliners are Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners and they have a great range of bright colors.

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  1. I love Bourjois’ Club blue! My must-have! I’ve lost it twice and bought it back again!

    But omgosh, that Urban Decay looks exactly the color I’ve been looking for. I’ve had to settle for a close color from Rimmel in the past.