One of my favorite words to hear or read is SALE! Yes, I’m a confessed shopaholic and whenever I hear one of my favorite stores is having a sale, I have to pop in for a quick look and I usually pop out with a couple of bags of goodies.

We are currently in the midst of the annual Dubai Shopping Festival and the whole city is on sale.  Recently I got a notification of a new type of sale:

Yes, my bank is having a sale! My first thought was that this must be a list of stores where I could obtain an additional discount for using my HSBC card.

On closer inspection, I found HSBC was advertising reduced rates for “buying’ personal loans, credit cards, insurance, etc.  I guess times are tough for all businesses and HSBC are using an out-of-the-box marketing strategy.  However, wasn’t the availability of cheap credit on of the root causes for the financial crisis of 2007?

I just hope my fellow shopaholics use a little more restraint in this type of shopping.

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