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The Shirt

Everyone has a guilty pleasure and mine is reading Perez Hilton, especially his fashon-based blog Cocoperez, which admittedly was an inspiration to start blogging.

Perez’ article on the reinvention of the women’s blouse caught my eye. When I started working over a year ago, I had to vastly change my wardrobe.  In the early days, I put a lot of effort into my wardrobe to ensure I had a bit of glamour in my dull work routine.  As the workload increased, it became harder to plan and I eventually ran out of ideas.  I then decided to streamline my morning routine and adopt “interview attire”, i.e. the women’s button-down shirt.

It has always amazed me how any guy with any physique can carry off the tucked-in button-down shirt look.  The few times I attempted to tuck in my shirt I just ended up looking butch. Nevertheless, I think there are a lot of cute women’s shirts available that have a hint of glamor while looking professional. Unfortunately, due to our anatomical structure, we are often left with a gap exposing more than we’d like. I’ve definitely caught some misplaced glances from the nice, but still male colleagues at work.

Well a bright-minded woman name Rochelle Behrens has solved this problem and designed a shirt specifically for women.  If you still don’t understand what I’m talking about, check this out:

I would love to try this shirt out especially since it is Oprah recommended. It’s available to buy online, at Bloomingdales, and a few other stores.  However the price tag does run pretty steep so I’m going to hold off on ordering one until I get more info or manage to spot one in a Dubai store (wishful thinking). If any of you women spot this and get a chance to try it on, do let me know what you think.

So is “The Shirt” going to revolutionize your wardrobe?

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