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Stuck in my Head

We have all had those days when a song gets stuck in your head and refuses to leave. You keep humming it and then eventually your head gets bored and its gone.

The songs that generally get stuck in my head are ones that I’ve recently added to my library. However this time my subconscious picked songs that I haven’t heard for years.

Yesterday, Dubai had the fortune of having a bout of melancholic weather, i.e. big grey clouds threatening to burst over the parched desert. The whole day I was humming this song from the 1989 movie, Chandini:

When I think of a Bollywood romance, an image of a gorgeous woman dancing in the rain pops in front of me.  This song is a perfect example of this and has two of our most beautiful actresses, Juhi Chawla and Sridevi.

While the song from Chandini is a classic, today’s song comes straight from the 1997 masala movie Judwaa with the unbeatable Salman Khan in a double-role:

The Hinglish lyrics are fairly entertaining and the chorus roughly translates into:

If you’ve come into this world, you should fall in love.
You should live a little, you should die a little.

Now I really wish I could tell you why my subconscious picked this song today, but I’m still struggling with that.

Any song stuck in your head today?

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