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Puppy Tweets!

Most of you know I enjoy tweeting (follow me @dollz87) and I can attribute my interest in blogging to Twitter.  Most of you also know about my first love: PUPPIES!  Then it wouldn’t surprise you of my interest in this article from Engadget.

Mattel, the creators of the iconic Barbie, are embracing modern technology and give you Puppy Tweets! It consists of a medallion to you attach to your dog’s collar.  The medallion contains an accelerometer (what let’s your iPhone change orientation), a microphone, and a wireless connection.  Once you’ve set-up your dog’s Twitter account and connected the USB dongle, your dog is officially online!

The device has approximately 500 stored tweets, and depending on the activity of your dog, tweets are sent at the pre-selected frequency.  Now the idea sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Hollywood has managed to make millions of dollars from movies that are premised on pets being able to talk.  Unfortunately, from Engadget’s review, it seems that Mattel hasn’t quite capitalized on what this could be.

That being said, with some intelligent algorithms and perhaps a heart rate monitor and thermal sensor, this product may hold promise.  The algorithms on Facebook are able to determine which friends you want to converse with and which ex-boyfriend you want to hide from your News Feed, so how long before they can decipher “dog”?

Until then, perhaps you can and your pup can embrace technology with Puppies Tweets this Christmas for less than $20.

I thought I'm supposed to "woof" not "tweet"


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    1. Unfortunately it isn’t very hi-tech in that way. In general if your dog is being stationary, tweets will have more references to laziness and sleep. But if it’s more active, there shall be more references to wagging or exercising. This of course is based on Engadget’s review.